About DM Flooring Pro Inc.

Quality is my trademark. What makes me better than other installers? It comes down to experience. Years of working with hardwood floors enables me to quickly assess your flooring needs.

Considering the price of hardwood floor, regardless of the grade or where you bought it, a quality installation is recommended to make the most of your flooring investment.

Even after purchasing their hardwood flooring, some homeowners are unaware of the drawbacks of sub-par installation. An inexperienced installer may not discover or have the necessary tools to resolve potential problems, thereby voiding manufacturer warranties. Over the years, unaddressed issues by compromise the value and beauty of your flooring. I can identify any issues that may exist in your home. I guarantee that I will honestly assess your floor and provide essential information for you to make the right decision at the right time.

I have installed many types of flooring. My cleanliness and efforts to reduce dust by using high power vacuums and sealing areas with plastic (doorways, kitchen cabinets and non-work areas) make for a clean and safe work environment. My experience is not just limited to one aspect of flooring- not only installing! I have been working with hardwood flooring for years I believe quality work cannot be accomplished without a lot of experience at installation.

Without the proper equipment and experience, attempts at flattening and installing may only be ‘okay’ and not ‘outstanding’. With DM Flooring Pro Inc. you get the best quality at the best price!

Check out the DM Flooring pro Inc gallery. Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to working on your floor...